About Us


It all began when Yani & Slavka Ignatovi rented a small bakery in Sofia. Together with their two employees they started production.


Another two bakeries are opened, as well as the first company store – a major milestone in our history.


Two years after having the UniPek TM registered, a new production plant opens. Production from two out of the three current productions are shifted to the new plant. From this moment onwards the company focuses on expanding its network of specialised company stores for bread and baked goods.


Company network amounts at 25 stores, which secures market for most of production.


UniPek signs a grant under OP “Competitiveness” for implementing an ERP system.


The company successfully manages the most numerous network of spelialised stores for bread and baked goods in Sofia and in order to maintain it as such we support it logistically with 3 to 5 deliveries on a daily basis to each store.

 2018 - 19

The company focuses on expanding its market beyond the borders of Bulgaria. Some of its products have been presented along leading trade exhibitions and as a result are successfully marketed in Germany, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Canada.



Our mission is to ensure precise selection of raw materials and by doing so to maintain high quality and delicious baked products with scheduled regular daily deliveries to end consumer.


Our vision, as a producer of bread and baked goods, is to provide our customers with freshly baked quality products and by doing so to become the everyday choice of our customers in Sofia. This will lead to a successive,sustainable and well-thought of strategic development, by which we will maintain good financial health and serve our economic, social and public responsibility.

Our Values

We value and believe in:

Honest labour and the evidence of such in our employees, partners, customers and government institutions;

Ethical attitude on all levels of interpersonal interactions;

The outcomes from persistence and strong will;